Colin Sanders

Colin SandersThe Colin Sanders Business Innovation Centre is named after Colin Sanders, a visionary and entrepreneurial engineer who exemplified the spirit of technical and creative excellence in recording and sound, founding Solid Sate Logic (SSL) in 1969.

Colin’s family trust, the Souldern Trust, kindly made a very generous grant to complete the building of this Innovation Centre, which is proud to bear his name.

Colin founded SSL, aged 22 to build electrical control systems for church organs. When SSL debuted its SL 4000 B console in 1977, it revolutionized the music industry.

The console was the first production marriage of an advanced in-line audio console with a computer to automate its operation.

Whether tracking, overdubbing, mixing, or scoring film and television, an estimated two-thirds of the popular music made over the last 30 years was in some way touched by SSL.

SSL continues to excel and in 2004 SSL was presented with the Technical GRAMMY Award for “contributions of outstanding technical significance to the recording field”.